eSparx takes a radical new approach to employee communication. Employees in many organisations feel like they are under siege with impersonal broadcast communications that seem rarely to apply to them.

eSparx takes charge – only sending relevant, brief and appropriate communications to people that need to see them, when they need to see them.

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eSparx has got your back

Totally new thinking in the employee communication space – eSparx has your back

• eSparx uses your data to identify employees who need to act – and sends them personalised messages via email or SMS.

• You manage the data and the messages and you get a dashboard to give you oversight of all the communications managed by the system.

• Message flow can be supervised and simple controls allow you to prioritise or delay messages by employee group or subject.

• You build the message profiles yourself, test within the system, and give approval. eSparx will then work around the clock to build and send appropriate communication as and when it is required.

• From the simplistic campaigns to the most complex, eSparx can support you with all your employee communications.

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Copyright © 2019 HRUX. All Rights Reserved.
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